Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh my heart

Eli is doing wonderful!! He is opening up to both of us more and more each day. He has captured our hearts and we are so thankful that God has entrusted us to be his parents! His personality is really starting to shine. I think he is going to be a lot like his older brother Keenan ... A little stinker! What are we going to do!? Whenever we have been skyping with the kids, Aidan and Keenan usually end up dancing in the background while we talk with Bella or our parents. Silly boys. I think Eli will be right there with them soon! He loves to look at pictures of his brothers and sister. He even brings the pictures up to his face like he is kissing them. So precious!

Daddy is getting smiles now too!

We went back to Shamian Island today. We had heard that a lot of the stores had closed down because the White Swan (hotel we stayed in when we were here with Bella) is being renovated. A few of the stores were gone but there were several familiar ones remaining. The island was gorgeous today! A lot of greenery and parks. The sun was shining and the river even looked beautiful. Some new friends of ours joined us (we just met them and they live only 20 minutes from us ... how neat is that?). We had a great time and Eli just took everything in. He probably only saw the inside of the orphanage most of the time, so he was so curious when he saw the big buildings and the tall trees. I am just so happy that he is no longer there and can enjoy all of the beautiful things that God has created.

Kevin, Gretchen, and Olivia joined us, also from Ohio.

Being on the island brought back so many memories of being here. This is the only city we are revisiting. We saw where Bella had her medical appointment, went to the Starbucks where I can even picture the cute little outfit she was wearing, and also saw the store where she screamed her head off while we tried to get her passport photo taken. This place holds a special place in our hearts.

We found silks for Eli and also found the must have squeaky shoes. We are going out to dinner with other families in our group this evening.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Alyssa in Wisconsin!! We hope you have a fantastic birthday!

We miss our kiddos so much, but are thankful that we have been able to Skype with them frequently. One more week and we will be home!! Much love!!



  1. Tears! What a joy to see his precious smile with his Mommy and Daddy! Love it!!! I haven't been able to comment until now, but we've been loving the pictures and and praying for you guys the whole time! Can't WAIT to love on that baby boy of yours! SO PRECIOUS! Love you guys!

  2. What an overwhelming joy to see his heart blossoming with your love, attention, care and presence!!! God is good! What a special time together as you lay the fresh foundation for his future!! And, what an answer to prayer that he is feeling better and you all are doing well.