Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A ladies man

We have gone nonstop today and we are exhausted! Eli woke up with a slight fever and still had diarrhea. His fever quickly went away and he has eaten like a champ today ... Pretty low key stuff like congi and yogurt, but an improvement from yesterday. We think he is on the mend and pray he is over the worst of it.

We went back to the registration office today to finalize the adoption here in China. So as of today, we are officially Eli's parents. We then went to the notary's office for more paperwork and signatures. We came back to the hotel for a quick lunch and then left to go back to Eli's home city, Luoyang. The drive was about 2 1/2 hours each way. We had a driver and our guide, Rita, take us. We went to apply for Eli's passport in Luoyang. It was a very easy process. When we got there, we saw 4 kiddos from Eli's orphanage whose parents are coming next week. They were there to get their visa pictures taken. Michael took pics of all of them to share with their parents at home. One thing we know all too well is that you crave updates and any information you can get about your child.

Eli is officially ours!

Our group (minus one family)

After we left there, we went to Eli's orphanage. We are so thankful for this opportunity ... to see the only home he has known for almost 2 years. What we know about his orphanage is that it is the largest one in the Henan province. There are 500-600 children, many of which who are older and may never have the love of a mommy or daddy. There are 6 floors to the orphanage and it was very cold inside. The playroom and his sleeping room were fairly warm, however. We were taken to both of those rooms and it was heartbreaking. There were several little ones just laying on the floor, while others came running to us. There were only a couple of toys in the room. Michael gave the nannies some suckers for the kids and they seemed to love that.

Eli is still very withdrawn, no tears and no smiles. Our guide visits his orphanage a lot and said they see this a lot with the boys from this orphanage. I don't know why, but they said it can take a few days for the kiddos to come around. Our prayer now is that he opens up to us soon because it is so hard to see him just look at us with his big beautiful eyes, but look so sad. He has been reaching for me, so I know that is a good sign.

When we were in the playroom we saw his first smiles when he saw his cribmate. A precious little girl who LOVES Eli!! He just lit up and smiled, but as soon as he noticed us watching, he stopped smiling. I sure hope we get to see that smile again soon, because it melted our hearts.

Eli smiling after getting a kiss from his cribmate


His sleeping room was fairly clean and the beds seemed nice. Two kids sleep in each bed and we saw where he and his cribmate slept.

His bed is this center one with the bunny (the Chinese don't reserve pink for girls and blue for boys ... anything goes!)

We took a couple of pictures of the outside of the orphanage and then came back to Zhengzhou.

As I write this, he is in his crib falling asleep. He is "talking" softly(some of the first words we've heard from him) and is very active with his legs. He seems to feel very comfortable in his crib, which is sad to me. We have only put him in there at night because I think he has been in a crib way too much. We have noticed that he rubs his ears to help sooth himself to sleep. Bella still rocks herself to sleep ... a learned behavior from her time in the orphanage. Still hard for me to watch.

We have a free day tomorrow and hope to just spend some quality time with our little man. Goodnight from Zhengzhou!



  1. Wow, that picture of him in the car is heartbreaking... looking older than his year/s. Too much "knowing hardship" in his eyes. Praying he will quickly know the love of a family and enjoy the laughter of a TWO year old.
    What a blessing you were able to take the trip to his orphanage. As difficult as it is to see the children still there, it is an amazing piece of his history you were able to experience. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tears flowing....the pic of him and his cribmate just kills me. Truly brings me to my knees. I called Doug immediately and said and all too familiar....DOUG!!!! :'( Truly HEART BREAKING. My heart can't take it.

    GOD BLESS and HEAL your sweet little man. I said that the pic of you in your first Eli post is like you peeling off layers...so symbolic. Layers of his past....and the NEW LIFE...ugh...gulp.

    KEEP LOVING...this is where the healing begins!!

    LOVE TO YOU!!!!

  3. Congrats on Eli, we can't wait to meet him. I'm sitting at my desk, during lunch at school, crying. :) Excited for your family. Love all of your updates. Safe travels home. Praying for you too!

    The Hartsough's

  4. Giving a child a chance at life, showing them God's love, blessing your family in the process. God's amazing plan of adoption. We'll be praying for his heart to soften and open up to you more and more each day and for yours to patiently wait! God bless, Jennie and Patrick

  5. So happy for you guys! I am enjoying following your story. Brings back so many memories! Eli is precious. He'll warm up to you soon. He is sorting through a lot of new experiences. This is so much to take in in just a few days. Praying for you!

  6. Heather and Michel,
    Nancy and I both feel you are truely special people. You will, in time, make a huge difference in that little boy's life. We both pray that the bonding process goes fast, but it will happen.

    Love you three,
    Dad and Nancy

  7. Have really enjoyed following your story. It makes me want to come there and bring one of those babes into our home. Eli may not know it yet, but he is blessed to have you for his parents and to have his brothers and sis anxiously awaiting your arrival home. We will pray for you all during this time time of transition and for a safe trip back home! Can't wait to see you all when you return and get settled.
    Vanessa, Jeff & kids