Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Day!

We are in Guangzhou! The flight was great and Eli did amazing. The weather is warmer here although a little rainy today. The hotel is very nice and we have restaurants and parks nearby.

This has been Eli's best day yet! He slept really well last night and he woke up happy. He has given us smiles and laughs all day. We are so blessed with this little guy. To see the transformation he is making in just a few short days can only be described as an answered prayer from God. He is playing more and showing us things that he can do. We traveled most of the day today, so I am going to end this post a little short. Here are some pics to share ...

The tongue comes out when he gets super happy!

Our group was so large that we had 3 guides. This is Yisha. Yisha has been with CCAI for 16 years. She was very emotional when she left us and thanked us for giving these children a chance. She was amazing during our entire stay. You can tell she does her job because she truly has a heart for these children.

This was one of our other guides, Vivian. Vivian is the sweetheart that helped me at the hospital yesterday with Eli.

Can he get any more precious?



  1. Love seeing the pics and am so glad that he is feeling better and was able to rest last night. Continuing to pray. I am sure you are anxious to take him home. Love you!

    1. From Kim by the way:)

  2. God is good! Hallelujah!
    He is just a handsome as I remember.
    I am in awe of God's greatness and so happy for y'all.
    Looking forward to meeting Eli!