Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lazy Day

Eli is still battling a cough and some wheeziness, so we hung out at the hotel most of the day. He woke up last night in the night crying out and again at nap today. I think I figured out that it is because if he can't see us, he gets upset and scared. I think this is a good thing. We are praying that he soon knows that we are "his people" and can trust us.

We ate breakfast with one of the other moms today who is originally from China, but has lived in Chicago for quite some time. She has 2 boys at home and just adopted a little girl. She told us that many people do not understand why she would adopt and she said that she and her husband have felt led by God to do this ... to be an example for other Chinese people that adoption is an option. I was really inspired by her story. In China if you have a child, you are not allowed to adopt. But if you are Chinese in the U.S., no law is there to stop someone from adopting.

We ventured to the playroom today. Eli was a lot more active there (as long as daddy wasn't watching). He walked all around the ball pit holding on with one hand, sat down, crawled and stood up with little effort. This is the first time we have gotten to see him do a lot of these things. He has his moments when he lets loose and shows us what he can do.

I asked the nannies the other day if he usually feeds himself and holds his bottle because he acted like he didn't know how. The nannies said that he does hold his own bottle and laughed that he wasn't doing it for us. Well, he now is holding his bottle. I think that he was just being a little stinker.

Michael did go out with some of the other dads to grab dinner. He took some pictures along the way that I thought we'd share. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the Shaolin Temple where it is believed to be the birthplace of KungFu. Will see if we are able to go because Eli's cough is still bad.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Zhengzhou. We are ready to go to Guangzhou and to be on the last leg of our trip. We are also ready for the warmer temps!!



  1. Will you continue to blog daily when you return home? I so look forward to reading about Eli's progress and your adventures each day:) One week and you will all be home! Love ya - Tiffany

  2. Still loving every picture and word you post. Jon and I eagerly wait for the next day. He is absolutely absolutely ADORABLE. Give him some extra kisses and hugs from the Souths.

    Debbie South

  3. Love these updates too! It's so exciting each day! Love you!! Hope your kiddos at home are doing well! Can't wait to see how they react to having little bro and you all HOME!!!!