Monday, January 28, 2013

Medical appointment

Today was our medical appointment that is required before being able to travel to the U.S. I have to admit that I dreaded this a little bit, but Eli did great. The medicals are done in a different building than when we adopted Bella. It was very clean and even have pictures of Mickey Mouse on the floors ... very kid friendly. The doctor did comment how malnourished he is, which we knew that as soon as we got him. He is eating everything we put in front of him now, so we think his weight gain will be good in the weeks to come. Eli also had his picture taken for his Visa and he smiled for it. Normally when Michael pulls out the camera, the smiles disappear, but he smiled easily for the lady today.

This is the office where we went for the medical appointment

Michael went and completed more paperwork this afternoon to prepare for our Consulate appointment. I took Eli out to the garden area at our hotel. There is a kids play area and some fountains. Eli enjoys watching the water fountains and walking around in his new squeaky shoes.

We went back to Shamian Island this evening with the Wickersham family for dinner. They are a sweet family from Indiana, but who live and teach at the International school here in China. We have really enjoyed getting to know them and spending time with them. They have two girls the same age as our boys and they also just adopted a little boy named Josiah. We ate at Lucy's ... a popular restaurant near the White Swan that we ate at a lot on our last trip here.

The Pearl River was all lit up tonight and was very pretty

Last night we went to dinner with several of the families in our group and our guides ordered for us. The food was mainly Cantonese and it was delicious! We have tried and done so many new things on this trip.
This is the Junge family from Colorado. They adopted their sweet son, Michael.
After we left the restaurant, we decided to walk back to the hotel a different way. We ended up going down a small street for locals and saw vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and crafts. The street was no bigger than an alley. I loved going down and being apart of life in China. We have never felt unsafe here, other than when we are walking among mopeds or riding in a car :-).

We are really anxious to be at home with all of our kids. We love you Aidan, Keenan and Bella!! And I will leave you with some comedic relief, a video of Michael's Kung Fu training at the Shaolin Temple:



  1. Looks like you're having such an ejoyable time! So happy for you!

  2. oh..and you can see his little personality showing in the bench pic! Oh so cute!!!!

  3. Love Michaels Kung Fu training - awesome! You guys are on the home stretch now! not much longer :) Praying for your flight home and for the kiddos at home... cant wait to catch up! We may need to schedule the next trip all together ;-)