Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missing Tooth and God's Phone Number

The fun stuff always happens while Michael is working and the last couple of Wednesdays have been interesting. 

Last week while Aidan was taking a shower he somehow slipped and fell in the shower and hit his face, knocking out the very loose top tooth and busting his lip. All I heard was crying and screaming. I ran in there to find him bleeding all over the place, holding his face and noticing his tooth was gone. He got out of the shower and we tried to stop the bleeding over the sink. Just about the time I think I am getting him calmed down he starts freaking out on me. I asked him (more calmly now) what the matter is. He said he lost his tooth and was so upset it was gone. Evidentaly he had been holding it in his mouth, but when I told him to spit the blood out, the tooth came out also and went down the drain. He was more horrified with the fact of losing his tooth down the drain than all of the blood pouring out of his mouth!! Once he got all cleaned up, he wrote the tooth fairy a note explaining that he fell in the shower, busted his lip and lost his tooth. It was so cute. He was so worried she would not come, but so excited when he woke up in the morning to find money under his pillow.

The same night Keenan asked me what God's phone number is.  I explained that God did not need a phone number, that we only had to talk to him in prayer. He said, "Yeah, but what is his number?" I again explained that we can pray to God at anytime of the day, and that he doesn't need a phone. Don't know if that appeased his curriosity or not, but it seemed to satisfy his daily faith question/challenge for the day. (He has been asking a lot of faith questions lately ... wish there was a manual on how to respond!)

Also the other night when we were eating dinner (I made Chinese).  We asked Keenan if he wanted to try some Chinese.  He said, "No, I don't like Chinese.  They have dirty water."  I guess of all of the things we told him about our trip to China and of all of the great pictures and stories we have, the thing he most remembers is that the water in China is dirty.  We may have to work on that a bit.

Bella has been talking so much more.  A lot of what she says we know what she is saying, although others would not because it does not sound like it should.  But she is trying and words are coming more readily all of the time.  While reading a book last night where you slide the page to reveal a sea creature that is being described, she started saying, "It's me!"  because the page always starts out with "It's me!  I'm a starfish." or "It's me!  I'm a dolphin."  It cracked us up.  She was so excited and so clear in her speech.  She is also saying "Help me" "Watch Me" "nana" (for banana) "moon" "hi mama" and our favorites are still "no" and "mine".  We are excited that she has started to put multiple words together in sentences and also point things out when she sees them.  We were driving home the other night and she pointed out the window and exclaimed "moon!"  She was so proud of herself and we are too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrating Life

This past weekend turned out to be a weekend to celebrate life, both young and old.  Our beloved neighbor Pete, went to meet his heavenly father last week.  Pete was 82 years old and such a wonderful person.  The boys adored Pete and he adored them.  He did not get to spend too much time with Bella because he went to live in a nursing home in November, but he was always so happy to see her. 

Here is a picture of the kids with Pete this past Halloween ...

I also went to my sister in law's baby shower this weekend.  Bella will not be the only little girl in the family for too much longer.  Jessie is due to have a girl in June! 

We then celebrated our niece, Addyson's, 1st Birthday.  She was so much fun to watch eat her birthday cake.  Such a precious little gift from God!

Addyson loving her cake!

Look at that precious face!

We ended our celebration weekend by having a surprise 50th birthday party for my stepdad, Tom.  We had the party at a Mexican restaurant and I think he was genuinely surprised.  Here are some pics from the day ...

Happy Birthday Tom!

Papaw and Bella

Keenan enjoying some tunes while at the party

Mr Blue Eyes Aidan, also having some fun.

Bella and me ... enjoying the party!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Skiing With My Boys

Michael takes the boys skiing usually once a week.  Even though we do not live near the mountains, we do  live near some very nice man-made slopes.  I have not been able to go this year because I stay home with Bella, but this past Saturday, I got to get out and go with them. 

Aidan has been skiing since he was 4 and Keenan just started this year.  And let me tell you ... the little guy is amazing!  I had a hard time keeping up with him at times and he is fearless!!  And Aidan keeps surprising me as well.  He has been better at skiing than me for a couple of years now, but seriously ... I won't even attempt some of the hills he does.  We took him to Colorado a couple of years ago and I remember he got me on this one mountain that was nothing but moguls.  I am surprised I am still not up on that mountain!  I was terrified, but not him!

The season is probably over now.  I think Spring has finally arrived (at least I hope it is here to stay).  We have been able to get outside quite a bit this week and all of the kids and their momma are so much happier because of it!

Here are some pics from my day skiing with the boys.  The weather was gorgeous and in the 50's ...

Michael and Keenan - check out those cheeks!

All 4 of us ...

The boys ran into one of their friends and he went skiing with us.