Friday, March 12, 2010

Skiing With My Boys

Michael takes the boys skiing usually once a week.  Even though we do not live near the mountains, we do  live near some very nice man-made slopes.  I have not been able to go this year because I stay home with Bella, but this past Saturday, I got to get out and go with them. 

Aidan has been skiing since he was 4 and Keenan just started this year.  And let me tell you ... the little guy is amazing!  I had a hard time keeping up with him at times and he is fearless!!  And Aidan keeps surprising me as well.  He has been better at skiing than me for a couple of years now, but seriously ... I won't even attempt some of the hills he does.  We took him to Colorado a couple of years ago and I remember he got me on this one mountain that was nothing but moguls.  I am surprised I am still not up on that mountain!  I was terrified, but not him!

The season is probably over now.  I think Spring has finally arrived (at least I hope it is here to stay).  We have been able to get outside quite a bit this week and all of the kids and their momma are so much happier because of it!

Here are some pics from my day skiing with the boys.  The weather was gorgeous and in the 50's ...

Michael and Keenan - check out those cheeks!

All 4 of us ...

The boys ran into one of their friends and he went skiing with us.

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  1. Looks like TONS of fun! Next year Miss Bella will be flying down the slopes. I have a feeling she'll be fearless too!!:) Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!