Sunday, July 25, 2010

Settling In

We have been moved into our new house for a little over a week.  Everything is going really well.  The kids have transitioned amazingly well and love their rooms, their new back yard and discovering all of the wonderful things they forgot they had.  It is almost like Christmas in July.  What is amazing is how much stuff we as a family have!  The last time we moved we only had Aidan.  Adding two more kids and all of their stuff ... well, let's just say we have way too much junk!  But what a great time to go through things and either pitch it or give it away, right?

I know that once again it has been forever since I have posted, so I will try to catch up on the last month or so!  (This is for you Debbie!)

My adorable niece, Ashlynn Marie, was born in June.  She is such a sweetie and I have been getting my baby fix whenever I am around her.

We took the boys to a Red's game on one of the HOTTEST nights!  It was Keenan's first professional game and we thought we would enjoy it, but he was scared they would get a homerun and there would be fireworks.  He HATES fireworks, so he ended up asking to go home about every 5 minutes.  Aidan had a blast though and thought it was cool that the Star Wars characters were at the game also.

It was hard to leave all of your wonderful neighbors and friends.  We went to a cookout and fireworks show that everyone on our street had a week ago.  So much fun!  We know we will continue to see everyone and be apart of things, just not as often.  Once the movers came, reality hit hard.  We were excited to get into our new house, but sad to leave the only home that Keenan knew, that Aidan remembers and the one we brought Bella home to.  I will say that once we moved everything into our new house, it automatically felt familiar and like home.  Aidan asked me on our second day here, "Mommy, are you used to this house yet?"  I said, "Yeah, I think I am getting there.  How about you?"  He said, "Yeah, I am used to it.  I like it!"  Whew, that coming from the one that gave us the most fight about moving.  I don't have any pics yet of the outside of our new house, but here are a couple from our last day at our old house ...

The movers got us all packed up and loaded in 2 days... they were awesome!

Since we have been here, we have met some of the neighbors and everyone seems really nice.  We have found an amazing faith based daycare/preschool for Bella and Keenan to attend in the fall.  We are praying this is the right decision and trusting in God that it is.  We went to a new church today to check it out.  The kids really enjoyed it and the message was awesome!  One of the things I hate about moving (and we have done it a couple of times before) is searching for the right church home.  We ask for your prayers that God will lead us to where He wants us to be, where we can serve Him and where we will grow spiritually.

Bella before church

Taking a break from the boxes
We are soooooooooooo excited because Bella's foster family is in the states for several months and they are coming to visit us in September!  We were hoping that they would be able to.  We are anxious to see them and spend some quality time with them. 

Here are some random photos from the last month ....

There is nothing like a head full of shaving cream
The kids in their new swimming hole ... water to come soon!

Bella enjoying a cupcake with blue icing - she was a mess!