Sunday, February 28, 2010

Small Victories

Most things tend to not go the way I picture them or plan them to go.  And usually I can sit back days, weeks or months later and say, "Oh, so that is why!"  God's perfect plan is that, just perfect!  In November and leading up to that time I thought that once Bella had her palate surgery, she would just take off talking ... that that was the only thing hindering her speech.  Well, it did not happen.  We have learned more about Bella medically and some things that we did not expect have been revealed.  But it is ok.  We are working through everything and we are learning right along with Bella.  There are days I think we are taking two steps back, but most days we are leaping forward.  Sometimes it is hard for me to see because I am with Bella every day.  But I have had some clarity and there have been small victories more and more every day.

Last night we were at a Chinese New Year celebration.  (More to come on that in a moment.)  Bella was playing with a toy and wanted it opened.  She looked at me and said "omen" and I could have shouted in celebration.  Bella normally will attempt to say words but only when asked to say them, but recently she has been speaking on her own and in the right circumstances.  Also the other day when it was snowing, she came running in the living room pointing outside saying, "no, mama, no" (translation:  snow, mama, snow)  She has also learned to say "no" and does so very often.  She is very opinionated, so we hear "no" a lot!  She is also saying "all done", "hi" "my-my" (for bye bye), "nana" (for dada), mama, "Ainan" (for Aidan), various animal noises, "uh-oh", "i love you", "amen" to name a few.  I want to try to track what she is saying when so I can really see how she is doing.

I also was reading through her occupational therapy goals the other day.  They were written the beginning of December.  I could not believe it, but she has accomplished all of the goals in less than three months!  We have learned that she knows a lot and is a quick learner.  Once she is shown how to do something, she tends to pick it right up.  She is dressing herself (other than her shirt).  She is putting her shoes on.  She can do puzzles and shape sorters.  She is pretend playing.  She can draw lines and circles.  These are all huge accomplishments for her!  So all of these things are small vicotories!

Like I said before, we went to a Chinese New Year celebration that was sponsored by GE, where I work.  It was fantastic!  There were booths for the kids to do activities, yummy Chinese food, and also performaces.  The kids especially liked the dragon parade, the lion dance and the acrobatic show.  Bella acted like she just loved being there.  I sometimes wonder what she remembers, what she misses, what she knows.  Once the drums started playing, she got so excited and just started jumping up and down clapping.

Here are the kids in front of the dragon before the show.

Me and Bella

My three blessings!

Dragon Parade

Dish balancing
 Lion Dance

Something else we did this weekend was to take the boys to an indoor skateboard park.  Friends of ours introduced us to this place and let me tell you, the boys had a blast!  Keenan was so excited to go.  It was like Christmas morning for him.  Now I know there is an indoor park and I won't have to worry about shoveling a path at the outdoor park anymore (see previous post for that story)! 

Keenan and Aidan at their new favorite place


  1. Heather I still love reading your blog. Sounds like Bella is doing well. The boys are growing so much too. I can't wait for Spring so we can get outside and see each other a little more.

  2. Well, I think it sounds like Bella is doing great with her words! We are just starting to understand a few words from Tyson. We are still working toward those self help and gross motor goals too. I know how you feel, you see the day to day and not the growth. I am really worried about Ty's gross motor skills, but we'll just have to give it time. Bella is adorable, as always!

  3. Don't forget she says 'hot' too! Her mac-n-cheese was hot the other day at lunch, and when she went to take a bite she said HOT! We are so proud of that amazing little girl!

  4. So proud of Bella!!! YAY! LOVE THAT GIRL! Need to get my hands on her SOON!

    LOVE the pics of the Chinese New Year Celebration! Hope we are there with you next year, and just maybe Lily Hope will be with us, too!!

  5. Hey Heather,
    I just checked in on your blog today. (It's on my favorites list! :o)
    I can identify with what you wrote on this post. Rachel's speech has been slow in coming, too. I really thought (and many people had told me) that she would learn English fast and would be speaking it really well by Christmas. But it hasn't happened that way. We happened upon a wonderful speech therapist in November, and that has been helpful. She determined that Rachel has an articulation problem, and that it's not just learning a new language. So she's going twice a week.
    And OT once a week, too!

    Allison Ude