Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making the Best of It

We have been snowed in now for a couple of days so far this week and were snowed in a couple of days last week.  We have more snow on the ground than I can ever remember having.  The first big snow was so pretty, but now we are getting really tired of it.  Aidan has missed 6 days of school (with being called off tomorrow already) in the last 8.  So that means I have stayed home and worked from home with all 3 kids running around the house.  Challenging ... but they have been so good and I have been able to get a lot of work done amazingly.  They have wanted to stay in their jammies, watch videos, play legos and play the wii.  Believe it or not, the only request I have gotten to go out in the cold is to go to the skateboard park.  What?!  Keenan seems to think that we can dig a path through the snow so he can skateboard.  Sure ... I'll get right on that. 

Aidan even read his brother and sister a book today without being asked.  It was so precious to hear him reading while they cackled at the funny story. 

Here are some pictures from our fun this past week ...

Making cookies for Valentine's Day!

Enjoying her cookie ... look at that face!

Really, really enjoying the cookies.

Our decorator ... he loves sprinkles on cookies (they were everywhere!).

Jackson's birthday party (a friend of Aidan and Keenan's)

Bella got to go bowling for the first time - she was so funny to watch "try" to throw the ball down the lane.

Last night, this is how Bella came upstairs after playing downstairs with her brothers.  Check out her "weapon".

Aidan and Bella rockin' it out.

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  1. Aww! Love the cookie face! LOL! Looks like fun! We are enjoying our "winter break"too!! Love the pics!