Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It seems like forever since I have done a "what is going on in our family" post, so I thought I would since it seems like it has been snowing for days. 

On Friday, we got somewhere around 9 inches of snow.  It was probably one of the prettiest snows we have ever had.  It was like God took a snow blower to the trees and hills and made everything picture perfect.  It was absolutely beautiful!  These pictures really don't do it justice ...

We took the kids tubing and all three loved it.  It was Bella's second time going.  We had to be covered head to toe because it was very cold and the new fallen snow was flying in our faces as we raced down the lanes.  We were going so fast ... probably the fastest I have ever gone!  Bella at one point turned around in her tube to look at us to make sure we were still all behind her because our tubes got turned around while going down the hill and she became the leader.  Once she saw we were all behind her she just squealed with excitement and started bobbing up and down.

Today we woke up to more snow and probably have another 6 inches on the ground, with 1-3 more expected tonight.  No school today and I will be very surprised if they have it tomorrow.  Aidan was so sure that he was not going to have school and would have been crushed if he had to go.  Michael and I both worked from home today and the kids just had a blast running around playing, watching movies and eating.

Bella continues with speech and occupational therapy.  She is doing awesome at OT and is learning so much.  Speech has been VERY slow.  We think she will probably have to have another surgery for her soft palate later this year.  Her speech therapist is wondering if her velum (the back of her palate) is closing properly because she seems unable to get sounds out that she should like "B" and "P".  She has learned to say "No".  She says it for when she means "no" and also when she is trying to say "snow".  Snow is one of her favorite things right now.  She loves to watch it fall.

Earlier this month we celebrated my sister Alyssa's birthday at Bucca di Beppo.  We all had a great time and enjoyed lots of wonderful food, inlcuding the cupcake Alyssa got and shared with the kids.

Bella has healed up from her surgery.  The only thing that remains as a reminder are the sores around her mouth from having to have it open for so long.

We are looking forward to spring and warmer weather, but are enjoying being snowed in as well.

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  1. Beautiful pics, and beautiful family!! You guys are so precious! Love your HUGE hearts. Love seeing you as a family of 5! God is so good! Life isn't always easy, but God promises he will never leave us nor forsake us! So proud of you for doing HARD with God! You're inspiring!!!