Friday, January 25, 2013

Chinese medicine, Playtime, and Kung Fu

We all were supposed to go to the Shaolin Temple today, but Eli had a very rough night last night. He coughed so much and woke up crying often. He ended up sleeping on me in an upright position and this seemed to help the cough a little. So needless to say, this momma did not get much rest. I decided to ask Vivian, one of our guides, to take us to the doctor. Michael went with the group to the temple because I did not want him to miss that and I figured Eli and I could take a nap later anyway.

Vivian walked Eli and I to the hospital. This was such a unique experience and one so very different than in the U.S. We walked into the hospital, paid a small fee and received a paper which we took upstairs to the pediatrics office. We walked right into this office with a woman sitting at a desk. A child was being examined and I thought this was a nurse, but this was the doctor. She checked the other little boy out and in a couple of minutes she was listening to Eli and checking his mouth. During the entire time we were there, there were several other people crowding into the room. There is no such thing as privacy here when it comes to medical information. Others listened to the entire conversation and probably thought it was interesting that this foreign woman had a guide to translate and to show me medical terms that had been translated on Vivian's phone. In less than 5 minutes, we had a diagnosis of bronchitis and I was given two options ... 1) have an IV given to Eli or 2) get medicine and go back to the hotel. Vivian and Yisha (another guide) explained to me that the Chinese give IVs because the medicine can be administered more quickly. I was very hesitant to have Eli stuck with an IV, so I opted for the medicine. We went downstairs to the main floor, paid for the dr. visit (which I think totaled something like $9 U.S. dollars) and then went to another window and got the medication. Very quick, in and out, all in one building. We came back to the hotel and thankfully Vivian translated all of the medication for me. He was given 3 medications, one was a Chinese herbal medicine and the other 2 are apparently "Western", but I have never heard of them. Eli took a long nap after lunch (again on me), but I think he is feeling a little better.

We had to get out of the room for a little while, so we went to the playroom again. Eli lit up! It was so awesome to see. He got in the ball pit and loved it! We also played peek-a-boo and he finally smiled at that. I started crawling around on the floor and he started crawling after me and giggling. Praise The Lord! He brought balls to me and even stood up and took a couple of steps on his own.

He also now LOVES his bath! He got in and while I was washing some things in the sink he started giggling and splashing. He was so tickled with himself when he splashed himself in the face. I did not get many pics of him today because Michael took the camera with him, but promise to have more soon! We leave for Guangzhou around noon tomorrow and we are so ready for a change of scenery!

Michael and Eli in the hotel lobby.

Walking with my little man.


Michael will be posting an update soon on his adventures to Shaolin temple, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures from today.

Home of Shaolin Kung Fu, thought to be the origin of all martial arts.


Pagoda Forest - cemetery for the most prestigious monks

Shaolin Temple - home of Zen Budism


And oh yes, an iPhone for every Monk?



  1. Yay!!!! So happy to hear that he is enjoying himself more!! Love the pic of him and Michael walking down the hall. Adorable!!!! Lots of kiddos are having a snow day here. My school did not. No snow here. Have a great trip to Guangzhou!!! Hugs and love to you!

  2. Woo hoo for meds and smiles and giggles!!!! Can't wait for your first post from GZ, that much closer to home!! :)