Monday, August 17, 2009

TB test is clear!

We have had another rough day. Isabella still is not feeling well and we also think she may be mourning. Her fever usually reappears after she has been sleeping.
She seemed to be doing better this morning, which was good because we had to go back to the medical exam office to get her TB test checked. Instead of taking us to a different room from where they stuck her, they took us back to the same room. The buckin’ bronco made her return debut and she threw a fit. All they had to do was look at her arm, but she did not know that. She screamed and tried to claw her way off of me. They checked her arm and everything is fine. Whew!
We then walked around a bit and actually saw a peak of sunshine. I don’t think we have seen sun since we have been in China. If we have, it has been short lived.
Since the TB test was clear, we were finally able to enjoy the gorgeous pool here. We bought her a pair of swimmies and she enjoyed it, but could not figure out how to keep her mouth closed while in the water and ended up drinking some of it. She also enjoyed watching some of the other kids playing in the water, but did not like it when she got splashed.

We rested in the room a lot today and she took another great nap. Unfortunately, she has gone back to not wanting Michael at all except if she is in the mood to horse play. (So this mommy is tired!) Please pray for us. Today has just been trying from all angles.
We are missing Aidan’s first day of school today and are praying he is having a wonderful one! We can’t wait to hear all about it.
We did go on a boat cruise tonight. The boat was beautiful and it was nice to feel the breeze off the water.

Here is a picture of our hotel at night from the water.

This is a picture of one of the many parks on the island.

Bella showing off her pretty flower in her hair (the flower actually came with our lunch).

Good night ... more tomorrow!


  1. Don't worry about Aidan's first day--I mentioned his first day of school to him over the weekend and he said, "Grams don't you know that my "first day of school" was last year!!" Hang in there--Bella is probably extra clingy because she does not feel good. She seems like she is quite spicy, and I cannot wait to meet her. I remember when you also were a bucking bronco at the doctor's office and it took two of us to hold YOU down!
    We are very proud of both of you! Love Mom

  2. Such a relief to have that TB test over and done! Bella is such a beauty!! I hope her fever is gone soon and she is feel better!! Loving the pictures!


  3. We are so glad to hear that Bella's test came back fine. It's great that you guys can swim now. I found out that Aidan and Job are in the same class so at least he had a familiar face in there today. Their teacher is very loving and understanding. Jamie and I actually used to babysit for her kids and she has always been very sweet. I hope that Bella is feeling better - I can't wait to see you all Friday. Tell Michael that Bella will warm up to him. Our girls were like that for a while too and now I think they have turned into "daddy's girls". We love you guys!
    The Milton's

  4. We're keeping up with your blog and so thankful for all you are sharing. I really hope she gets to feeling better so soon...and that all of you get some rest (particularly mommy). You are having quite the experience - just keep remembering that even during the tough times you are all blessed. Sounds as though Aidan is doing just great, so no worries there!

    I can't wait to meet Ms. Bella and hope the rest of your time together over there is beautiful.
    Lisa (+fam)

  5. Hang in there guys. You will be home soon, and I know Bella will be thrilled to run around in her new home with her great brothers. I'm sure she'll be clinging to her daddy soon for all of those bruised knees and scary dreams. You two are wonderful parents, and I am sure Bella already knows that. We love you so much! We are counting down the days until we get to meet our newest niece! Love Tiffany, Jeremy, and Addy (who now thinks it is funny to pretend cough...all the way to 5:30 in the morning)

  6. I'm glad Bella is feeling better. It is going to take some time, unfortunately, for her to get her "bearings" within the family. But don't are both wonderful people and though she understands very little in language (due to her age not her nationality), she will know one thing....that you love her!! Love yas and Godspeed, Nance