Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spicy girl not feeling so well

Isabella did not sleep well last night and because she did not sleep well, neither did we. She woke up crying every 20 minutes or so. I kept checking her but she never felt warm. That is until around 6 a.m. when she woke up burning up with fever. We have given her medicine all day, but she still is not feeling well. Because of the rough night, we did not go to the Guangzhou Folk Art Museum as planned. We thought the heat and the touring might be too much for her. We hung out at the hotel instead and she took a very good and long nap.
We also have had our friends, Tim and Elise, visiting us today. They live in China and made the trip here to see us. It has been so nice hanging out with them. Michael took them to lunch at Lucy’s so they could get some good western food and they also went to dinner with us to an awesome Italian restaurant.
This island is known for weddings, so we got to see many many brides today. They all looked so beautiful. Most of them wore ivory dresses while some of them were in red, pink or burgundy dresses. (Alyssa – you would have loved seeing all the dresses.) We think so many weddings happened today because the Chinese believe that 8 (and therefore any multiples of 8) is a lucky number and today is August 16.

One funny thing that did happen today is that a Chinese man who could speak a little English approached us on the sidewalk. He asked Isabella if I (pointing to me) am her mother. She looked at him and shook her head no. When I got down beside her and told her yes, she smiled real big back at me. She does sometimes get yes and no head nods confused, but I think she was just being silly.
Another funny thing that keeps happening is that the locals who are very accustomed to seeing adoptive families ask us where she is from. When we tell them the Sichuan province, they always say, “Oh she a spicy girl!” That is because the Sichuan province is known for their very spicy food.
All in all we had a pretty low key day today because Bella has just not been feeling well. We all hope to get a good night’s sleep and feel better in the morning.

Here are just some other picures from our day.

A boat on the water in front of our hotel.

The waterfall in our hotel.


  1. I am praying for your new daughter to feel better! These posts continue to remind us all how much God loves us and guides our lives; your family of five is truly inspirational.

  2. I hope Bella is feeling better. At least she got some rest. We love you guys!!!

    The Milton's

  3. Poor baby...mommy and daddy too. I've been a mom long enough to know that when the little one isn't feeling well, nobody is. I love the part about her being a spicy girl! That one might stick :) We love you and continue to pray for you! Love Tiffany, Jeremy, and Addy (Who has met only one vegetable that isn't her friend. And by that I mean she likes to share it with her fingers, nose, hair, you name it!)

  4. I am so excited for your family. Isabella is very fortunate to have a wonderful family such as yours. Your unselfishness and grateful nature is truly admirable. I can't wait to meet her. I read the blogs daily and I am so envious. I can't wait to meet her - call me when you are settled in the States.

  5. Thrilled to hear that you got to spend time with our kids, Tim and Elise. I know that all of you were blessed by that visit and I know they were anxious to see familiar faces. Praying that Bella will have a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your journey :)