Saturday, August 15, 2009

Medical exam – preview for many battles to come

We started our day bright and early. We got to eat at the breakfast bar (“spread” is more like it) that we have heard so much about. It was great! We had a table right next to the fish, so Isabella was in heaven.
After breakfast we went to the dreaded medical exam. It was an interesting event to say the least. She was fine playing until we had to go and get her checked out. She can put up a fight just like her oldest brother! Great thing she only weighs about 22 pounds right now. She had to get all of the basic measurements and checks done. She also had to get a TB skin test. She saw the needle coming from a mile away and boy did she know what that meant. She became a buckin’ bronco! We have to go get the skin test read in a couple of days, but in the meantime, we can’t take her in the pool. I really don’t understand why, but we will abide by the rules because we do not want to be here longer than we have to be. After the medical visit, we went with some other families to get some groceries and diapers … also some more bibs. This child drools all of the time. I think it is because of her cleft. The malls are interesting here because the grocery stores are 1 level of the mall. So you will have your typical department store, but with a grocery store in it as well.

Michael thought this was an interesting picture. The scaffolding is made of bamboo. No safety harnesses on this man.

The staring and the popularity is still here in Guangzhou, but it is not as bad because people here are more used to seeing adoptive families. Thank goodness! We have tried to learn to ignore it, but sometimes it can be a bit much. For instance, last night we were with another family talking and looking at the fish and the whole time there were 3 women behind us video taping us.
After our shopping excursion, we came back to the hotel to rest. Bella fought her nap, but eventually gave in. During her nap, Michael went to meet with our guide to make sure all of our paperwork is complete and accurate. Our guides have taken such good care of us and have gone above and beyond to help us.
This evening we all went out to dinner to eat at Lucy’s. It is so much fun to see all of the parents and their children. It is so amazing to see how each child fits perfectly with their family. God is pretty amazing that way!

Michael snuck this outfit on her after her bath to tease me. This is her cheesy smile. I have to admit, it looks pretty cute on her.

We did a little shopping and bought the famous squeaky shoes (and yes you can remove the squeakers!). Little miss sassy loves stomping around in them. We also got some silk dresses. Everything is so cheap! The store owner wrote Isabella’s name out in Chinese characters for her – so neat to have.
We met with some other families in one of the rooms tonight and had some worship time. We are so blessed to be on this journey with so many wonderful and faithful families. I will end this by asking to please pray for a couple of the families that we are with who are having communication and attachment struggles with their children. Most of the children are doing amazingly well while a couple are still in mourning for the only way of life that they have ever known. I think we sometimes forget how hard this is not only for us as parents, but how difficult it is for these children.


  1. Poor baby in that terrible outfit! It's a good thing Janel got her a nice Purdue shirt! Such a good aunt that NelNel:) Love you guys! Tiffany, Jeremy, and Addy (Who loves to sleep in on the weekend)

  2. So glad her medical exam is over!!! I just can't believe you guys are there doing all the things that we've read about for so long. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for posting!! It is so exciting to follow along!

    P.S. Can't wait to see you in a swim cap. :o)

  3. That outfit is the cutest thing ever! I loved the cute little bathing suit too. I miss the little girlie stuff. I read your posts every day and find your journey very inspirational. God is truly amazing and showing you his blessing each and every day!

    Erin (McKinley) Harrell

  4. Her "Cheesy smile"? Come on, just admit it...a Purdue fan deep within!! Haha..... Seriously, thanks so much for sharing...I rush home everyday to see what's next...I AM SO ADDICTED!
    Love yas and Godspeed! Nance

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this journey. We are covering you in prayer. Be blessed and be a blessing today !! Love you guys !! Tim & Jan

  6. We will be praying for you guys and the other families that are adjusting. I am so glad that Bellas's med. exam is over (I am sure she is too)! Just a few short days and you guys will be home!!! Can't wait to see you all together! We love you guys!
    The Milton's