Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Alone with the kids and this happens ...

Monday morning started out great. I took Aidan to school, met his teacher, came home, Michael had Keenan and Bella up and they were playing. All was well. Michael headed off to work, but wanted to stop and get his hair cut and get his cell phone fixed since it died in China. All was well. I got Bella and Keenan's teeth and hair brushed. I started to get them dressed so we could go on a walk. All was well. I walked into the bathroom to put something away and heard the most horrific crash ... bang ... I don't know what you want to call it. I came out and Keenan was laying on the floor, holding his head. He had tripped over a toy and hit his head on the corner of the banister. I quickly grabbed him up and was holding him, still not understanding what exactly happened. I talked him into removing his hand from his forehead and I noticed blood. Uh oh. I then lifted his bangs up and saw the gash and knew he needed stitches. Instead of remaining calm, all this mommy saw was blood and a deep enough gash that I completely freaked out. I tried to lift him and take him into the kitchen so I could get something cold and wet to press against his head. But I fell with him in my arms against the wood floor. So graceful too (not!). Anyway, after I got up with him the second time, I got him into the kitchen and laid him on the counter and put a wet towel to his forehead. He was crying, I was crying and constantly saying "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do." At this point, my brain had pretty much taken a lunch break and I was not thinking straight at all. I tried calling several family members and could not get ahold of anyone. And since Michael's cell phone was not working, I had no way of reaching him. I finally reached my father in law and through my sobs, he understood what I said and told me to call 911. I called and they were here in no time. All the time while this is going on, Bella is just walking around, playing, not really knowing what is going on.

The EMTs showed up and while they were evaluating him, they get another call on their radio that says there is a fire at the elementary school! I asked what the radio said, hoping I did not hear that correctly. They repeated what I thought I heard and I said (emotionaly losing it again), "My other son is there!" The poor EMTs were so nice and said, "The kids are fine, they are being evacuated."

One of the EMT's carried Bella out to the ambulance and strapped her into a kid harness type of seat and I carried Keenan out. So we all got to take a ride to Children's Hospital. Poor Keenan was scared, but so brave. He got strapped onto the bed and all his vitals were fine. On the way to the hospital the EMTs told me no hoses were needed for the fire so it meant everything was already out. (I later found out there was a small fire in the electrical room. The kids were transported to another school because the school lost power, but classes were back to normal today.)

They took him to Children's and he got 6 stitches. He did not cry at all while stitches were put in ... such a big boy! I knew I couldn't watch, so I sat down away from the bed, but Michael thought he could watch. He turned around about 1 minute later white as a ghost (his lips were even white!) and said he had to sit down. So it turns out that Keenan is braver than his mommy AND daddy.

Bella got to spend some quality time with her papaw and mamaw who had come to the hospital after my frantic call. I am hoping she doesn't think this a regular outing in our household.

I can laugh about it now, but boy oh boy what a day we started our week with!

Keenan being silly and showing off his battle wound.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Heather, I am so proud of you for keeping it together...really, you did!! It may have seemed your brain was out to lunch but that loving momma was still there and actually did exactly what was needed - and wanted - from your kiddos. Keenan looks quite ok in that photo (love it!) but I hope he continues to heal well (and that you have no bumps or bruises from your fall!). And the fire - whoa. Tyler just came home & mentioned how they had a fire drill the other day (just to prepare).

    Wow. And wow again. You are an amazing momma. I hope the rest of the week goes smoother (and that Michael has a cell phone now) :) !

  2. Oh my, what a day for you guys! Glad to hear your son is ok!

  3. Heather, I am so sorry but I am belly laughing! What a day! I am glad everything turned out OK!

  4. Oh My Goodness...... What a way to start off the week. I am so glad everything turned out ok. I would have done the same thing. Blood and I do not mix well..I am so glad Keenan is ok.
    Tomorrow will be a better day.
    Can't wait to see you.
    Aimee Cromer

  5. It figures!!! But, that has to be the cutest picture of Keenan EVER!

    Had a BLAST Tuesday!!!

  6. it's not funny, but it is...even though i already knew it, reading your blog entry just made me laugh even harder!!! i have to admit, i would probably freak out & do the same thing. you're a good momma, girl - hope the rest of the week's been MUCH smoother! love you!

  7. WOWZERS!! Glad it all turned out OK ( besides the stitches) :)