Saturday, September 19, 2009

Swimming with clothes, hypnotized, potty training and rock band

The days seem to be flying by lately. I can't believe another week has already passed. Something I did not write about last time is that we started potty training Isabella a little over a week ago and you know what?! She is already wearing big girl panties! The girl is doing amazing and is even dry after she wakes up at night most nights. We taught her the sign for potty and she runs up to us and tells us when she needs to go. Don't get me wrong, this week has been LONG trying to get her there, but we focused primarily on that and she has gotten it!! She is smart and knows when she needs to go, so I think that is how and why she has done so well learning. Potty training is just one of those things that every parent dreads. Michael also taught her the sign for "all done". She is sooo cute when she does it.

We went to her speech evaluation at Children's Hospital and they were very encouraged by the sounds that she can say without her palate. They have high hopes for her and she is currently on the waiting list to get therapy. We will try to do speech therapy through Children's and also through the state program. They would like for her to get started even before her palate is repaired and we are all for that.

I took Keenan and Bella outside to play on Monday because it was a beautiful day. Once we were done playing on the swingset, I walked over to the pool to clean some leaves out of it. Bella wanted in but it is way too cold to swim. I told her she could sit on the edge and put her feet in. Well, I turned around to grab the net and when I looked back, this is how I found her ...

She did not think the water was cold at all I guess. Well because I made such a big deal about it, Keenan felt as if he needed to get in with his clothes as well. He didn't stay in as long as she did though because the water is just frigid.

Another funny story. The other night Aidan walked into the kitchen while I was making dinner and he said, "Mommy, my foot is asleep. I think it is hypnotized." I just couldn't help myself. I just busted out laughing because he was so serious about it.

The boys love playing rock band. Well, Bella got her first exposure to rock band and I think she is another Garland family rocker. Oh yeah, baby! She was playing with the little toy drumset alongside Michael on the drums, Aidan on the mic and Keenan with the guitar. She is a natural!

Some more good news that we received this week is that Michael is getting his contract!!!! Michael started his State Farm agency about a year ago. They gave him a one year contract at that point. If he proves himself, they then give him the permanent contract. He was told on Monday that he is being offered the contract. WooHoo! He has worked so hard and has done so well, that I didn't really think they could say no, but the uncertainty of it all has been rough. So we are thankful and blessed to finally know. God has always provided and I know Michael has been able to witness to clients and those that he works with. He leads a faithful business and I know that he feels that he has more opportunity to talk to people about his faith in this position than in any other that he has had. Please pray for his continued growth as both a business and a Christian.

This is Bella before church this morning. This little dress reminds me of my Great Aunt Evelyn. She used to wear dresses like this and like Bella, she was a little lady.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Congrats to Bella for learning to go potty and to Michael for the contract. God is sending many blessings your way!!! The picture of Bella in the pool made me LOL!! Hope speech goes well. Love ya! M

  2. Looks like you guys are doing great. Bella is precious and fits right into your family beautifully. It was so fun to meet you and now to follow your story. We will look forward to hearing about her progress. Blessings to you!!!
    ~Jennifer Friesen

  3. Heather and Mike,
    I love reading your blog!!! I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to get outside and visit. Sounds like Bella is doing great!!! I think of you and the kids all the time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    Debbie Lipps

  4. This Bobby's mom just wanted to say Bella looks so happy and I am so glad she got such a wonderful family to love her. I enjoyed the little time I got to spend with her in China. She was so loveable and loved to be loved. Give her a kiss form Granny Barb
    God Bless you and your family for being so loving to take on Bella