Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Weekend = Great Pictures

I just had to post because we have so many great photos from this long holiday weekend.

Aidan had 5 of his friends come and spend the night Friday night. This was a first for us and wow what energy did they all have! Wish I had just a fraction of it! They swam, played on the swingset, made smores around the fire pit, played wii and watched a movie. Michael set up a tent downstairs made out of blankets. The boys all thought that was awesome and they all (including Keenan) slept under the tent.
Aidan and all of his friends in front of the tent
We made it through the night! The boys eating breakfast.
About the time that all the boys left on Saturday, family started to arrive for the boys family birthday party. Aidan and Keenan once again were very spoiled!
Keenan got his remote controlled 4-wheeler he has been wanting.
Aidan added to his Lego collection and his goal to owning every Lego in the world.
The boys also got these awesome pirate boats for the pool. Even the adults liked playing with these.
You would think the boys would have been too worn out to do anything else after all that, but no ... they went camping Saturday night at our neighbor's that live 2 houses down. Several of our neighbors got together and camped. Our neighbor Janis fried up doughnuts. There was a fire pit and the kids ran through the woods with flashlights and had a great time. Bella and I joined everyone for a short time until we realized her toddling around a fire pit may not be the best idea. Plus she was one tired girl after partying all day with her brothers and cousins. We had to pull her out of the pool after she was in there for a few hours. This girl LOVES the water!
I took this picture of the campsite from our deck the morning after.

We went to church, but relaxed on Sunday afternoon. It was much needed.

Monday morning we took off and went on a bike ride along the Ohio River. There is a very nice bike and walking trail. Keenan and Aidan rode their own bikes. I could not believe Keenan rode his the whole way! His little legs have never worked so hard. Bella rode in the bike trailer and took it all in. We took breaks along the way and got these great pics.
Here are some other random photos from the weekend ...
The last Colts preseason game. Since it was not on TV, we watched it online. Bella getting her first dose of being a Colts fan! (She will have a jersey next time!)

Bella loving her chocolate pudding.

Keenan rockin' out. (Bella in awe of her crazy brother.)


  1. OOOH Yeah! Check out that Purdue shirt! Bella and the boys are going to love going to college there! And I know daddy will love paying for them to go to such a great school:) Love-One guess who

  2. These are such great pictures! Oh my, though, I'm tired even looking at them...I can't imagine the amount of energy it took being a parent through it all. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes...can't wait to see you all again soon!

  3. Looks like tons of fun. Happy Birthday boys! You rock! Cool cakes, guys!
    Lots of love to you!

  4. Alright now, you and Julie are really starting to show me up on your blogs. It is going to take me forever to catch up!! :o)

    Happy Birthday Boys!!! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!