Thursday, September 3, 2009

The parade of medical professionals

Isabella had her first appoinment yesterday with Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The appointment lasted a little over 5 hours. We met with a social worker, several nurses, a nurse practitioner, Dr. Staat and an occupational therapist. Everyone was so helpful and gave us so much information. Her development was evaluated and they gauge her to be right around 2 years of age developmentally. This is exactly where we thought she was AND this is almost exactly how long she has been in a loving environment (with her foster family and now with us).
The social worker gave us a lot of information and helped make us aware of many government funded programs that Bella should be eligible for just because of her speech delays.
The doctor was excited to meet Bella and called her "our little mystery." Dr. Staat reviewed her medical records when we received her referral and the records were all over the place. Dr. Staat and the others are very encouraged by how far she has come and the advances she has made since she has been home.

The dr did hear a heart murmur and thinks it may be normal for after having open heart surgery a couple of years ago. The dr is also concerned about a bulge in a vein in her neck. She called the ENT and they said they would look at her when we brought her in for the cranio facial team appointment, so there does not seem to be any urgency there.

Bella also had to have another TB test and have several vials of blood drawn. She screamed her head off! Whew. Poor girl hated that. But as soon as they were done, she fell asleep on me and slept all way home. The appointment was exhausting for all of us and we know we have many many more to go through. I spent part of today scheduling appointments with radiology, surgery, cardiology, speech, hearing and for an eye check. Please keep her and us in your prayers. We also pray that we don't find out of anything else going on. This little girl has already been through so much!
On a different note, thought I would share some more pictures with you ...
All 3 playing in the sandbox.

Aidan helping Isabella ride on the bike.

I think the boys had every pillow in the house in the living room jumping on them.

Keenan (with Aidan somewhere in there!)

Bella sitting on the step and then showing off her cute outfit.

Showing off her sassy side.


  1. I am so glad you have that first hurdle finished! Bella is going to keep growing and thriving with her new LOVING family and continue to be the perfect little silly girl we already LOVE!!! Praying the next appointments are all very easy and give good news!

    Love you guys!

  2. Isn't Dr. Staat wonderful???? What a blessing to the adoption world!
    I understand about the laundry list of appts. It took us about 3-4 months to finally slow down in that department - but it does! She will be so well checked from head to toe that you never have to worry again! ;0)

  3. Love and Prayers from our family to yours! Hang in there sweet Mommy. You're Bella is fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator.
    Love you!

  4. She looks more grown up! And so happy! We got our blood draws today and it is so heartbreaking to hear those screams. Glad she is past that. I'm sure she will make leaps and bounds in your loving care!
    Love y'all!