Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Trip 2012

We just returned from a road trip through the South.  We were able to visit friends and family and just enjoy time together.  We first went to Nashville to visit with friends who just returned back from China with their little guy, JonJon.  We had a great time getting to see them and sharing time with our growing families.
We then headed even further south to Alabama and spent a few days with Bella's foster family.  (For those that don't know, they are originally from Alabama but lived in China for 15 or 16 years.)  We had a wonderful time hanging out with them.  Bella and Cassie LOVED being together again and the boys thought it was awesome to be with Cole and play Legos and video games.  We ate lots of yummy food (thanks Bobby and Julie for your hospitality!), went to a peach park and were able to meet extended family who all knew Bella before she came into our lives.  They really enjoyed getting to see her again.  We think that it is so special for everyone that we all get to see her grow up. 

Here is a picture of the dynamic duo - Cassie and Bella

Keenan, Cole and Aidan

After Alabama, we went to Hilton Head for our yearly trip to meet up with my family.  We all rented a house and there were 13 of us this time (we missed you this year Thomas!).  We were able to do some of our yearly traditions ... spend lots of time at the beach, visit our favorite restaurants, go golfing, ride bikes around the island, spot some wildlife (alligators, horseshoe crab and dolphins), go to the Shannon Tanner show (favorite for the kids) and just spend time together with family.  Keenan really loved riding the waves this year.  Bella continues to be a mermaid and we can't get her out of the water.  As soon as we would get to the beach each day, she would take off and be completely in the water before we were even off our bikes.  Aidan really enjoyed playing soccer on the beach and building things in the sand this year.  We also celebrated Father's Day, my sister Janel's birthday as well as Michael and my birthday.  Some pics from our trip ...

Family pic

My hubby and I

Keenan - look at those baby blues!

Our little mermaid


Our niece, Addyson

Michael and Aidan

The trio hangin' with Neptune

Michael and the kiddos

Aidan, Keenan (check out his blue lips from a slushie) and Bella

Aidan, Keenan, Bella and Addy


From the adoption front, we have sent all of our dossier docs to CCAI today with the exception of our I797 (USCIS approval to bring a child into the U.S.).  We hope to receive that approval within the week.  Once we get that document notarized and authenticated, we will be ready to send our dossier to China!!!  Once we get logged in China (LID) we should get matched pretty quickly.  Please pray for us as we start reviewing possible files that are referred to us.  Please also pray for Eli wherever he is right now; that he is being cared for, fed, held and loved.

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