Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adoption Update

So far this journey has been more of a roller coaster ride that the last time (or maybe it is because we are in this now and just like childbirth, you sometimes forget how heart wrenching it can be once it has passed).  We ARE moving forward and we are excited about that, but we are sooooo anxious to see our sweet little guy's face for the first time, to know that he is ours and to prepare for our next journey to China.  We have reviewed a couple of files, but each time we have known pretty quickly that the little boy is not "our Eli".  That's the hard part ... saying no.  But we have been comforted to know that the first little guy we reviewed has now been matched with his forever family, which is a prayer answered for sure! 
Our dossier left for China last Friday, the 20th ("DTC") and it was delivered by our agency yesterday, the 24th.  We now wait for the all important Log In Date ("LID").  With this date, we can then be matched either from the shared list that China puts out once a month for agencies (this is the list where Bella's file came from) or from an agency specific file that is designated "LID only".  There are essentially 3 ways we can be matched ... LID only agency specific files, shared list that all agencies see once a month or from a Special Focus child file that is sent to our agency.  Typically these kiddos have multiple or more severe special needs. 
It is a lot of hurry up and wait with adoption and PATIENCE (which I don't have)!  :-)  Our prayer currently is that we will receive our LID, we will be matched quickly with Eli and then will get a speedy Letter of Acceptance ("LOA")  Of course, this is coming from the not-so-patient momma sitting here waiting.  Michael does much better with the wait, but is also very anxious to know who Eli is.  We also pray that whereever he is that he is getting wonderful care, lots of hugs and attention.

In the meantime, we have continued to have a great summer.  The boys just back from visiting their cousins in Texas.  Mamaw and Papaw braved the 16 hours of  driving each way to take them and they had a blast!  I haven't seen all of the pics yet, but I am sure they are great.  They visited Fossil Rim and Lego Discovery; went to play Laser Tag and also got to swim a lot.  We missed them so much while they were gone, but really got to enjoy a lot of one-on-one time with Bella.  And let me tell ya, she ate it up!  Here are a couple of pics of a trip we took to see Clifton Mill and then to Young's Jersey Dairy Farm.

Clifton Mill


Bella feeding the goats

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