Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Spring Fun

We have been busy this spring with projects around the house like painting Bella's new "princess" room and moving her into it.  She has been so excited about it and loves it.  I will have to take some pictures to post since she is so proud of it.  Michael has also made me a couple of garden boxes.  I have wanted these for several years and now I have them!  Just hoping that with all the torrential rain the past couple of days that the seeds haven't gotten washed away!!  Keenan has especially enjoyed helping me plant both the seeds and the plants.  I think he is going to be my helper with this new project of ours this summer. 

We have also tried to get outdoors and have some fun together.  We went to the West Chester kite festival in April on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  The wind was actually a little too much for the kites and people were having a hard time controlling them, but it was so neat to see so many different kinds of kites.  Here is a pic of Keenan, Michael and Bella in front of the huge octopus kite that we saw ...


 And here is a picture of Keenan with the kite in the background

Bella having fun 

April also brought many birthday party celebrations.  I think we are averaging one a week for the past several weeks.  The fun thing is that all three kids have had parties that they have gone to together as a family as well as individually for their friends.  Our nephew, Hunter, turned 6 in April as well.  Here is a pic of Hunter and Aidan ...

Since the weather was so cold and crummy last weekend we took a little road trip to the Dayton Air Force Museum.  I had heard a lot about the museum, but had never been even though we don't live that far from it.  The museum is free, which is an extra bonus.  We had a great time and the kids were amazed (as was I) seeing all of the airplanes, rockets, satellites, etc. that this place had on display.  We could not even see everything in a day, so I guess we will have to go back again soon.  Here are a couple of pics from our day there.
Keenan, Bella and Aidan

Michael, Bella, Keenan and Aidan

After the museum we sought out the local Friendly's.  My grandma used to take me to Friendly's when I was a kid and unfortunately there are no longer any of them around Cincinnati, so we took a little bit of a "scenic" route home so we could stop at one.  Each of the kids enjoyed their treat.

Aidan with his

Keenan did not hesitate to dive into his

Who needs a spoon??

We don't have any updates to report on our adoption.  We are anxiously awaiting the home study report to be finalized so we can move onto the next step.  Hope to have more updates on this soon!!

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