Friday, November 12, 2010

Gatlinburg 2010

We did not get to go to Gatlinburg when we normally do.  Since we moved to Ohio, the school schedules are a little different.  Instead we went over Halloween weekend and stayed until the Tuesday following.  It was the PERFECT time to go!  Beautiful weather ... less of a crowd ...could get into places without a wait .... just perfect.  Michael's parents were able to go with us this year and we again rented a cabin.  The cabin was probably the least of the highlights because it was a haven for ladybugs!  Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with ladybugs, BUT when there are hundreds of them all over the place (and I am not kidding!), it is a little much.  I guess it was because of the warm weather, but seriously, we could have done without.

Here are some pics from our trip ...

We took a pretty lengthy hike to see this waterfall.  The kids were are troopers because it took about 3 hours roundtrip (we had no idea when we started!). 

Aidan and Keenan at the falls

We took the kids to a Halloween event in downtown Gatlinburg.  They had a great time.  Here they are ... Robin Hood, Little John and a beautiful butterfly.

Look how fierce ... the scarecrow does not even have a chance!

At the event, there were multiple characters dressed up and Bella wanted to love on them all!  The event also had a Chinese acrobatic troop that did a short show.  She just sat down and watched it all, enjoying every minute of it.

Our favorite place in the mountains.  The boys, Michael and I loved jumping the bolders and successfully did not fall in.


Bella's foster parents, Bobby and Julie, came and spent a night with us.  They were in town for a conference the following week.  We loved seeing them again and spending time with them.

My Keenster ... he kept posing and asking for me to take pictures.  So cute!

We took the kids putt-putting a couple of times and they loved it.

Bella, Keenan and Aidan

We also spent time racing cars, riding some rides and doing a little shopping and a lot of eating!  Aidan said it best, "This was the best trip ever!"


  1. Love these pics!So, so precious! Love seeing Bella's foster family..and SO blown away by the amazing story!!!

  2. how FUN!!! let us know when you're "that" close again. looks like you guys had a blast. love you, friend!