Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Fall!

We have had an amazing fall so far and I just wanted to share a few pics.  We also are happy because Bella is doing great since her surgery and has also been released from the cardiologist's care.  He did another EKG and they said everything looks perfect, so no further need to follow up on her heart.  WooHoo!  One less doctor to see and one less procedure for her to have to endure.  She is such a little trooper and amazes me how much she has gone through.  We have lived at doctor's offices this past year, so to have one less doctor to see is a huge thing for us right now.

As promised, here are some pics of our clan ...

Bella cheering her brothers on at soccer

Family from Texas came in for a weekend and we went to Michael's parents and had a hayride, camp-out and bonfire - so much fun!  (Keenan, Aidan, Collin, Hunter, Bella and Abigail)

The boys ... Hunter, Keenan, Collin and Aidan

Mamaw and Bella riding the tractor

Keenan and Michael

Aidan and me ... I loved this time with the kids!

Me with my boys

Family pic

Keenan and I got to go along on a class field trip with Bella to Barn-N-Bunk.  They got to through a corn maze, make a scarecrow and take a hayride.  (Just look at how much Bella loves her brother)

We all went to Niederman Farm last weekend and had a blast.  We went through the corn mazes, went on a hayride, picked out pumpkins, went on the giant swings, visited the farm animals, ate some yummy food (including homemade doughnuts) and the kids also got to jump on the gigantic air cushion and played on the enormous mound of dirt they made for the kids.  Here is the trio smilin' it up.

Keenan found a keeper

Aidan showing off his strength

Bella just being so darn cute

Michael and I on the hayride
Silly faces ... there is not a day they don't crack me up!

Happy Fall Everyone ~ Love, The Garland's


  1. Happy Fall, your pictures are too sweet. So excited to hear there will be one less doctor for Bella to see. Your right she is so darn cute, prayers for your sweet family!!!

  2. Oh my goodness you 5 are just so precious! I'm so glad to hear about the minus 1 doctor and that Bella is doing well....the pictures are awesome.

    Miss you all so much!!

  3. Yea for Bella's heart!!!! Love all the pictures, looks like you guys had a great time! Love your sweet kiddos!!!