Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas tree is up, the lights are on the bushes outside, the manger scene is on the mantle and the wreath is on the front door.  The Christmas cards have been ordered and most of the shopping is done.  We even woke up to snow on the ground this morning.  It is beautiful and has been snowing all day long.  The snow came just in time for Keenan's Christmas program at preschool.  He was so cute in it.  He loves songs and music and he did great!  We are so blessed to have found another amazing Christian preschool for both he and Bella since our move.  Their teachers are wonderful!

We also went to my work today to attend breakfast with Santa.  The kids had a blast!!  They got to see a performance by the MadCap Puppets, play games, eat breakfast, get a "tattoo", make an ornament, decorate cookies and even have a visit with Santa.  Santa had a great sense of humor today.  He asked all three kiddos what they wanted for Christmas.  Keenan told Santa he wanted a DS and Santa said, "Really, you just want the letters 'd' and 's" and no other letters?"  It was cute, but Keenan is now a bit concerned that he is only going to get letters for Christmas. 

Keenan decorating his cookie

Aidan and Keenan making their ornaments
    Family pic

 The kids with Santa 

Part of the event this morning included a toy and food drive for local families and the kids each took a toy and we took a bag of food as well. As a family, we are always trying to find ways to show the kids how to share God's love with others by giving and helping out.  We especially want them to know that Christmas is not just about them getting toys.

Here is a picture of Keenan's list for Christmas. I just have to share because it is such a cute story. Keenan is learning to write and read words right now. He can't spell, so when he and Aidan were writing their lists, he kept asking me how to spell the items he wanted to include on his list one letter at a time. Well, it got time for Bella to go to bed, so I told him that he could look at the pictures in the magazines and that under each picture the black bold letters spells what the item is. He continued with his list. Several days later I noticed that his list had things written on the front and back of it. One side had the few items that he wants and on the other side I saw this ... Michael and I just cracked up at this! What it is supposed to say is "Temporary Price Cut".

And here is a pic of Aidan's list ...

We have lots of plans this Christmas, including visiting the Creation Museum's Christmas Town, going to a local farm for a Christmas walk and live nativity, going downtown to see the trains and do our yearly ritual, and spending lots of time celebrating our Savior's birth with family and friends.  I hope to post a couple more times this month, so stay tuned!

Bella posing in front of a Christmas tree


  1. I was just thinking about doing a post with the same title! :o) Love all the pictures and I reall did laugh out loud when I read Keenan's list, ha ha ha!
    Okay, I can't stand it anymore, let's REALLY look at our calendars so we can get together SOON!

  2. Wow the kids are getting so big. We really miss you. The new neighbors are not as friendly as you were. The one time we talked to them they seemed nice though. Hope you are enjoying your new house and neighborhood!!

    PS Harold and I miss your Christmas lights. There are lights next door, but they are not as nice as yours were!!! LOL....

    PSS Merry Christmas!!!