Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bella's Birthday

Bella's birthday was New Year's Eve.  We celebreated with our family the following day and she had a great time.  I think she thinks she gets new toys every week of the year now.  She will have a rude awakening this next week when nothing new comes. 
She had a Dora birthday party because she loves Dora.  She loves to dance and sing with her.  Bella enjoyed her cake and enjoyed all of the attention!!  Ever heard the saying, "too much birthday"?  Well, I think we are living through the aftermath right now.  Haha.  She has been a little stinker the past couple of days.
Here are some pictures from her special day.  You would not know that she smiles all of the time.  It seems to be getting harder and harder to catch her smiling with the camera.  Will try harder for the next post.


  1. Happy Birthday, Bella! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Bella! Wow - she looks like she's growing so quickly!! I hope your family is doing wonderfully...miss you guys!

  3. happy birthday, miss sassy pants!!! H & A - you guys...bella DOES look like she's grown so much since you brought her home! my goodness. those pics of her w/ her cake are A.DOR.A.BLE! too sweet!

  4. Love this girl!!!!

    Looking forward to watching Bella grow up in your beautiful family!

    Love to you all!