Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Pics

Sassy girl showing off her new outfit and purse.

Yes, I think Santa is crazy sometimes, but they love it!

Modeling their new hats.

Christmas Eve night with their cousin, Hunter at Mamaw's house.  Can you tell Bella is exhausted?

Christmas morning.  The boys are ready to attack the presents, but Bella is not so sure.

Cutie Pie!


  1. Was Bella (aka Ella) totally overwhelmed? Tyson would only open one present at a time because he wanted to play with each one! Love the pic with the PJs. Very cute!

  2. Look at that sassy little thing! How is it that it's already 2010, we need to get together soon!!! Love the pics of the kiddos, looks like Aidan has had a visit from the tooth fairy!!

    Happy NEW YEAR!