Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love All Around

So maybe we are a few days after Valentine's Day, but I just had to share the wonderful surprise that Michael, Aidan and Keenan did for me. After school, the boys disappeared upstairs and were very busy with something. I didn't ask because I could tell it had to do with Valentine's Day. That, and because Keenan told me not to do anything for dinner. His words, "Trust me. Don't make anything for dinner." When Michael got home, Bella, Eli and I were told to go upstairs and wait. About 20 minutes later an appetizer was delivered to us. Then a few minutes later, I was led downstairs by the most adorable waiters I have ever seen. The dining room was lit all over by candles and set for all of us. The waiters served a delicious meal. We had appetizers (sushi and some wings - 2 of my favorite things). We had salad from Deweys. Then we had baked potatoes and steak. Graeters was our dessert. Everything was delicious!!

Here were my waiters ... too cute! 
Dinner!  (I would have dressed up a little more if I would have known.)

Our sweet Valentines ... it is VERY hard getting them all looking and smiling at the same time!

Keenan and Eli

Eli really hasn't gotten the concept that he really is not supposed to ride this truck

When sis is at school, we have fun with her toys!

We have been keeping VERY busy, hopping back into almost everything.  Eli had a couple more doctor appointments today and was awesome considering we were there for 3 hours.  He has gained another pound (that makes 4 in the last 4 weeks!).  He is starting to slow down on eating a bit.  I think he realizes that he is offered plenty of food and does not need to eat everything in sight.  He has also become very good friends with our dog.  He "shares" his food with her ... isn't that nice??

We just got done with a 4 day weekend off of school.  We had a great weekend ... both boys had a sleepover (Aidan went somewhere and Keenan and his friend stayed here).  He had more visitors from Aunt T and Uncle BB and cousin Addy.  I took the older boys on a little date to the movies and also got to see one myself with a friend.  We still are trying to figure everything out.  Little by little, we are getting there (I think). 

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