Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chinese New Year - 2013

Year of the Snake

We attended the Chinese New Year event that is sponsored by my employer.  We have gone to this the last several years and love it!  The kids look forward to this every year.  The neatest thing about this year's event is that the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu warriors were there as the main event.  The boys wore their shirts that Michael got them at the Temple only a month ago and were able to speak with some of the warriors after the show.  The warriors are all from the Henan province, but now train here in the U.S.  The boys LOVED the warriors and Bella LOVED the dancers.  The food was great and we were joined by some friends as well.  We had a really fun time and all of the kids ran from booth to booth to check everything out.  I think Eli enjoyed the food the most.  Here are a few pics from the evening ...

Bella thought the headpieces on these dancers were so neat!

Kung Fu Warriors - spear to the throat

Bella and Elyse

Keenan and Aidan with the Kung Fu Warriors

 Lion Dance

The kids ready for the show

Aidan, Bella and Keenan

Year of the Snake

Vanessa, Jonah, Heather and Eli

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