Thursday, November 12, 2009

At Home

We just got home a short while ago. Ice cream finally won Bella over and once we got her to eat that she was allowed to come home. Above are some of the better pictures we took during our stay at the hospital. The last one is from this morning. She is starting to look back to normal. She was so swollen, but this morning we saw a huge difference. She is still in pain and is very careful about drinking or eating anything, but little by little she is letting us give her sips to drink and things to eat like pudding and jello.
Today was the hardest day to be at the hospital because physically she was feeling more like herself, but she couldn't get out of bed and walk around because the IV was her in her foot. We took her to the playroom and that made her happy for awhile. All day she pointed to the door and waved bye bye. She wanted to leave so bad, but she did not understand she needed to drink before she was allowed to leave.
As long as we have been by her side, we have let her keep the arm cuffs off. One reason is that she does not put her hands in her mouth normally and two because she HATES them. We make her sleep with them on and will make her have them on while she is playing on her own and running around with the boys. The trick right now is keeping snacks and food out of her reach because she wants to eat normal food, but is not allowed.
Our experience with Children's Hospital was amazing and we know she was in great hands. We also know that she has been lifted up in prayer all along and we are very grateful.


  1. So you were in the hospital two nights? Ty talks about Bella all the time now. It's so cute! He says, "Ella". I'm sure no explanation needed. I'm glad she's drinking now. I hope your night at home goes well. Thanks for keep all of us stalkers posted! I'm so nervous for Ty's surgery next month.

  2. I'm glad Bella is doing better. Tonight Kylie said to me, "I really miss Bella."


  3. Praying for sweet Bella! We love you, sweetie!

  4. she's such a brave little girl...& her mom & dad are pretty amazing too. praying that she's continuing to heal well. i know you all have so much to be grateful for this t'giving.

  5. Just checking in today...good to see that everything is going so well for you guys. I'm happy that Bella's surgery went well. Olivia will have her scoliosis surgery sometime this spring. I'm so glad we can keep in touch and hear as God continues to bless our families...