Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travel Dates

We are leaving August 5th for China!!!! We will leave Cincinnati on August 5th, go through Detroit, Tokyo and then finally arrive in Beijing on August 6th. We will tour Beijing for a few days. (We are still waiting on our complete itinerary.) After Beijing, we fly to Chengdu. We will meet Bella probably on the 9th or 10th, stay in Chengdu for a few days and then fly to Guangzhou where the U.S. consulate is. We will be there for probably a week and then fly to Shanghai on the 20th. Spend the night in Shanghai and then leave for the U.S. We will be home Friday, August 21st.
We have decided not to take Aidan with us. This was such a hard decision to make. We are going to miss our boys sooooo much, but are so excited to finally meet our little girl.
Now we are getting all of the last minute things done like making her doctor appointments at Children's hospital for evaluations, getting antibiotics to take with us (for the "just in case"), getting back to school things ready since we will miss Aidan's first week of school as a 1st grader, etc., etc., etc.
God has been so faithful (as always) through this entire journey. We pray for safe travels and that he watches over our boys while we are gone.
Will update everyone with the full itinerary once we get it. Can't believe this is actually happening!


  1. Wow, we have almost the same schedule! We both do Shanghai overnight! That is great news! Can't wait to meet you all there!!
    Blessings, Amy

  2. Beth & BrianJuly 19, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    michael & heather - what amazing news. you will have your baby girl in your arms in less than a month!!! my goodness - blessings & safe travels to you both (all 3, really)! we cannot WAIT to see pictures & get all the updates. love you guys!

  3. I am just as excited for you! I must tell you that leaving our girls from the airport was very difficult BUT once you take off, your energy shifts. You will start to focus on your journey ahead. Modern technology make it so easy to communicate - Skype was awesome. We never used the video part of it - just the phone. I think it was two cents a minute. We called twice a day. I REALLY enjoyed my time with my husband alone. I can't wait to follow your journey - oh, I need to drop that straighter off at your house!