Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rainy 4th of July Weekend

What do you do on a rainy, chilly 4th of July weekend? Lots of great things! We were able to go spend Friday evening with friends (before the rain) and enjoyed great food, time with friends and some awesome fireworks.

Then the rain started ... We met our friends at the airport to welcome Lola Joy home from Ethiopia. What a day to come home to America - the 4th of July!! She is just so precious and a true blessing and answered prayer.

Have to say that I got teary eyed when we pulled up to the airport ... just praying we are back there soon boarding our jet plane to China to bring Bella home.

The Stanleys - all 5 of them!

Heather, Julie and Emy

I got to hold Lola - she is so beautiful and such a good baby!

This morning Keenan "made" french toast for all of us. Normally that is Michael's special breakfast to make, but Keenan decided he wanted to not only watch, but to make it himself (with a lot of parent supervision, I might add).

And Aidan, he is finally learning to ride his bike without training wheels. He has always been a little stubborn (not sure where he gets that!) so the promise of some new legos if he learns is part of the deal.

We also have gone out to dinner, played some Wii (and boy do I stink at Mario Kart) and just had some good family time.

Happy Freedom day everyone and May God Bless America!

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