Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Change of Plans

Less than 24 hours after our last post we found out that Lai has a family!  We were in shock and in awe of how faithful God is to the fatherless.  We thought it would be hard to advocate for him, but God had different plans in mind.  A family saw his file and quickly said yes.  We are so thankful that he has a family and have just found out that his family will be hosting him over Christmas.  How cool is that?!  There were 7 kids from China that were not chosen to be hosted so we took another look at the profiles and felt led to Hui.  He is a healthy 13 year old boy who loves basketball.  He is nervous about coming, but I hope he quickly feels comfortable once he is here. 

Because Hui is 13 years old already, he has less than a year for a family to say yes and get the adoption process completed.  Please, please be in prayer that his family finds him.  We are really looking forward to him coming.

Please also pray that churches and/or organizations step up and say yes and allow us to come and advocate for him.

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