Sunday, September 23, 2012

While we wait ...

While we wait for the Letter of Acceptance from China, we have been enjoying the outdoors and this beautiful weather!

Bella loves that she is going to be a big sister (check our her shirt that a friend of mine gave her) 
We are able to send care packages to Eli.  Our agency prepares a letter in both English and Chinese and provides labels for pictures.  Under each picture in the photo album we have included the Chinese name for "Father", "Mother", "Big Brother" and "Big Sister".  This is usually the orphanage's first communication that Eli is being adopted and that there is a family eagerly waiting to bring him home.

We took a trip to an apple farm today.  The kids enjoyed the time with friends.  We took a hayride and survived the corn maze.  Here are a few pics:

Keenan, Aidan and Matthew (Aidan's friend)

The farmer allowed Bella to feed donuts to the pigs ... who knew they loved donuts?!

Bella, Aidan, Matthew and Keenan

Me and my kiddos

Keenan, Aidan and Matthew

Also wanted to share this pic.  Love this "in action" pic of Aidan

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