Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Day of School, Birthdays and China

The last couple of weeks have been full of activity ... getting back into the swing of things with Aidan going back to school and Bella and Keenan starting preschool.  Aidan started 2nd grade at his new school and so far, so good.  We feel blessed that we live across the street from a family that also has a couple of boys, one of which is in 2nd grade along with Aidan.  I think that has helped with the transition of going to a new school this year.  Keenan and Bella also started their new preschool and seem to be enjoying it also.  Keenan usually always asks the teacher when I am coming to pick him up ... sometimes many times during the afternoon.  His teacher told me Thursday that he did not ask one time!  That is amazing, so I know he is having a great time!  And Bella, she just loves being apart of things and eagerly goes to her class everyday.

Aidan's 1st Day of 2nd Grade!!

Aidan, Bella and Keenan going to school - 1st day of Preschool (I think the sun was in their eyes)

The boys  also celebrated their birthdays this week.  Aidan turned 8 and Keenan turned 5.  Oh my, my boys are growing oh so fast!  We have learned by now that birthdays are not celebrated for just one day, but are celebrated all week long!  The boys had several friends come over Friday night for a party and sleepover.  They had a blast, but it was crazy!  They went swimming, played games, went on a treasure hunt that ended in a silly string battle, opened presents and had pizza and cupcakes.  And a few hours after the friends left, our family party began.  It was such a beautiful day outside and again, I think everyone had a good time.  We are blessed to have a wonderful and loving family.

Bella, Aidan and Keenan

Keenan went to the skatepark for his birthday ... Tony Hawk watch out!

All the kids playing a game at the party ... check out some of the faces.  Too funny!

Aidan, Keenan and their cousin Hunter

Aidan and Keenan waiting not so patiently for their presents

The trio took over our bed
We are so happy for our good friends, the Stanleys, who are in China right now adopting their precious Lily.  We met Doug and Julie through mutual friends who knew we were both in the process of adopting from China.  We met shortly after we both were logged into China and found out we had log in dates within a couple of weeks of each other.  They have been so supportive and loving as we went through our adoption and we are blessed to have them as friends.  If you would like to follow along their journey, go here.  We CANNOT wait to see Lily in their arms forever!  God has been so good and faithful to both of our families as we have walked with Him to bring our beautiful daughters home.


  1. I have been following your blog since I met you all at the first Stanley homing coming at the aiport. So happy for your beautiful family. Hope to see you at the next Stanley homecoming, so excited for them, yeaahhh! Blessings to you and yours!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday BOYS! And happy back to school for all 3. So glad they are all adjusting well to their new schools.
    We SERIOUSLY need to get together soon, I'm dying to check out your new place. Ha ha, I'm nosey like that! Miss you guys!