Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hilton Head 2010

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Hilton Head with our family.  He had so much fun and the kids (all 3!!) LOVED the beach.  As far as we know, this was Bella's first trip to the beach.  Her first day experience was like any other kid, she ran from the waves as they came up on the beach.  Before the end of the week, she was running into the ocean ... fearless of course!  I know I have said this before, but I have never seen anyone love the water more than she does.  She was constantly begging to go swimming.  She uses a cute sign to tell us she wants to swim.  And she did it from the moment she woke up every morning till time to go to bed at night.  Hard to believe that 1 year ago we were waiting on our travel approval ... and now it is like she has always been with us.

We go to HHI every year with my mom, stepdad and all my sisters, brother in law and niece.  We always rent a house on the lagoon and hardly get out of our swim suits while we are there.  It is the total beach vacation!  Here are some pics from our trip ... I think they tell the story better than anything else I can write.

The kids were so good on the long drive and so excited to be going!

Bella getting ready for her first day at the beach.  Can you tell she is excited?

Bella and her cousin Addy ... let's just say they are friends and rivals depending on the hour of the day.

Daddy and Bella - so sweet!

Aidan and my sister, Janel, going on the kayak.

Michael, Bella and Keenan also taking a ride on the kayak.

One of our favorite restaurants (The Crazy Crab) and a place we always take a family pic.

Me and my girl!

Mom and my stepdad, Tom, with their grandkids - spoiled rotten!


Me and my hubby - love it here!

Keenan riding the waves - he got so much braver this year and started riding and jumping the waves!

Aidan "surfing" - he is growing up too fast!

Bella loving the water

Beach beauty

Me with my little guy, Keenan


Floating around with my sisters Alyssa and Janel, Bella and Aidan

Aidan and Keenan (aka the devil)

Michael and his boys enjoying some golf - Keenan's first time going!

Cute Keenan

The Gang ... until next year!

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  1. LOVE these pics!! Looks like you had an amazing trip!! Love the photo of you and Michael!:) So blessed to know such awesome people! Your kiddos couldn't be any cute if they tried!!!!